Rays of Santiago Sunshine

How do you pass the time on a 6 hour bus journey? By writing another blog post! So much has happened since we last wrote, so we will aim to keep it concise!

On Sunday 16th July, we spent a lovely time with Edgardo Mulki visiting the hora feliz in Canal San Martin, where we had the opportunity to share a gospel message and English song with the children. We also visited Don Juan church to meet with several of the believers who are involved in the work there. While we did discuss aspects of faith,  there was great interest in discussing Brexit! 

From Wednesday to Friday we helped out at a mission campaign in the village of Chauchillas, which was organised by ‘Jesus Christ My Hope ‘ church in Clodomira. We renewed friendship with Pastor Fabian Santillan and his family, and formed new friendships with other members of the team as we worked on the activities and ate our meals together around a campfire. We both visited homes in the village in small groups to share our faith and invite the locals to the mission events  (blood pressure and eye checks, childrens’ games, hairdressers and beauty salon, a baking masterclass, film night and folkloric music ). 

It was lovely to meet with Fredy and Perly Fernandez and their little daughter Charis on two occasions. On Saturday we visited the kids club in their Church in San Fernando where we told and translated the story of Samuel anointing David. We later had the opportunity to share about The Esperanza Trust and our family connection with Alfred Furniss at their evening meeting. They also took us to visit the building site of a new church in Santiago. 

On Sunday we visited the rural church in Cuyoj with Jorge Salum for their morning communion service. 
Monday 24th July was the 70th anniversary of Alfred Furniss’ death, and on the Tuesday we were invited by German Divi to the cementary where Alfred and Mary are both burried. There was a short act of worship and people from 7 different churches handed out tracts. What a privilege as great- and great-great granddaughters to be part of this occasion with other family members.

Throughout our trip, we have enjoyed being a part of Santiago’s cultural events – Independence Day, March of the drums, the artesan fair and Santiago’s birthday celebrations. We even visited the viewing gallery at the top of the city’s highest building. Of course, we have also loved spending time with friends and family! 

We are now off to explore the city of Cordoba for a couple of days, before returning to N.I on the 1st August. Thank you for your prayerful support. 

Laura and Claire


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